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Captive Insurance Benefits

  • Captive premiums are based actuarially on your individual loss experience. Fundamental principle of, control claims and control your long term cost. This means your past losses determine your premium, not state rates or manual premiums.

  • All members are equal owners with true member only ownership. No service providers, including Captive Resources or the brokers have any ownership or voting authority.

  • Long-Term insulation from volatile insurance market cycles. A huge benefit for this industry.

  • Lines of coverage in the captive can include Workersí Compensation and Automobile coverages.

  • Captive members retain their individual unused loss funds and the investment income associated with those loss funds. I.E. PROFIT!!!

  • Utilize top A Rated Insurance Carrier for Policy Issuance, Certificates of Insurance, Auto ID Cards, etc.

  • Investment opportunity in a $2.8 Billion Dollar investment fund exclusive to Captive Resources administered captives.

  • Third Party Administration of claims, which allows for more control over claims handling, settlement and selection of counsel. More Control!!!

  • Only the best risks are accepted. Better than average loss performance is critical. Premium versus losses, how do you stack up? Captive membership is reserved for companies demonstrating the highest controls for safety and claims management.

  • Complete Transparency of all costs from policy issuance, reinsurance, claims, loss control, brokerage fees and administrative expenses.

  • Unbundling of services allows the captive to isolate cost and be selective of top service providers.

  • Complete confidentiality of membership information. All company business is conducted through confidential member numbers.

  • No hand-cuff clauses. A captive member can leave anytime they want.

  • Absolutely no cost to investigate. We donít perform or charge for captive feasibility studies. The captive members have given us the responsibility and opportunity to grow the captive with quality companies at their own cost. Actuarial study and captive proposal are all provided free of charge.




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